5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Paid Advertising


Paid advertising is great, isn’t it? Of all the digital channels it’s probably the easiest to quantify your success in. But most people master the basics without realising how much can be done to optimise each campaign.

You can drill very deep into paid advertising, it can be a full time job even for a small or medium sized business, but for most people it is a case of making sure they are getting a good return on the money they invest in it. So if you are running campaigns yourself here are five tips to get the most out of the Adwords platform.

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  1. Be different
    When you look at search results how often do you see exactly the same thing in every ad? The same core keyword, the same call to action. Now there are reasons for having keywords there, but think from a user’s perspective – what will cut through the noise and look different. If you’re a hotel in Edinburgh, what’s the defining feature that sets you apart from your competition? Use that.
  2. Think about where you’re sending people
    Landing pages are undoubtedly important, so once you’ve got someone to click on your ad what sort of experience do they have, and can it be better? Does the landing page match their search query – can they see the words they have just used in their search? If they can it will immediately make more sense to them? Chances are they are landing on an existing page that’s the ‘best fit’ for that ad, but should you create a unique new page specifically for that ad or campaign? You won’t always be able to, but you might well want to in some cases.
  3. Make sure you’re using the right kind of bid
    If you’re using different bid strategies are they the best ones to meet your end goal? If you’re trying to sell a product it may be clicks you’re after, if it’s a brand campaign then maybe you are more concerned about the amount of exposure (or impressions) that you are getting. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, make sure your bidding strategy works for you.
  4. Use remarketing?
    We’re not advocating stalking people round the internet until they give in and buy from you, but people are busy and often abandon their purchase or basket part way through – making a mental note to come back later. Use remarketing to give them a gentle nudge to come back and complete the transaction, or just to keep your brand under their radar.
  5. Utilise Google Analytics as well as AdWords
    The two interfaces have different purposes and it’s well worth getting the functionality from both of them. Analytics can help show where paid campaigns are really integrating with other channels – remember nothing works in a silo – and the pages people find useful or really struggle with should be worked upon especially if testing out landing page choices. Also, use the assisted conversions tool, which can really up the value of paid advertising in your marketing mix. Sure someone may have come in through organic search when they converted, but if the first interaction they had with your brand was through paid search then there’s a solid case for attributing some of the value of that sale to your advertising’s results.

The deeper you dig with the tools, techniques and opportunities within the Adwords platform the more you will get out of it. However, whilst it’s easy to get engrossed in the statistics, remember that it’s being able to pull out actionable insights from these numbers and continuously working on improving them that makes the difference between a good campaigns and a great one.

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