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If you’re anything like us you are pretty much always thinking about content. Like this morning, for example, when I was queuing up for an over-priced coffee with a silly name the two businessmen in front of me talking about the best news sources for their industry (I think it was banking – the content did not sound particularly engaging) and I was thinking about the content blogs that I read and I know that are read around Mash HQ.

But what use is us knowing about all these great resources if we don’t share it? With that in mind, here are seven of our favourite industry blogs right now.

Entrepreneur Woman

Content Marketing Institute
The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is known as the industry-leading body for all things content marketing and the CMI blog is everything you would hope it would be. If you’re looking for industry leadership and best practices, the latest research and trend information this is the place for you.

The Content Strategist
Contently is the apple of the corporate world’s eye right now, producing amazing content for the likes of American Express, Forbes and GM, but their blog, The Content Strategist, is an amazing resource for companies of any size looking at content. Research pieces, interviews and round ups of the best brand content – all of these feature highly in their seemingly selfless (although let’s be honest, lead driving) creative output.

Buffer Blog
Known for their social scheduling and analysis software, Buffer also have an amazing blog. If you are looking for content on social media, how it helps your content or what you could be doing better this is a great place to look.

Kiss Metrics
The place for all things analytics, big data, measuring and data – the Kiss Metrics blog is one for the data geeks out there, and the savvy marketers that want to know more about what their content is doing.

Seth Godin
One of the industry’s most recognisable names, Seth Godin’s blog is a daily update with his (sometimes quite abstract) thoughts on the industry. Often though provoking and sometimes verging on philosophical, this blog will make you think about what you’re doing in so many new ways.

Moz Blog
We love Moz. Their tools are invaluable for what we’re doing with content and digital marketing, but it is their blog that is really driving them forward. An invaluable resource for all things inbound marketing, they produce some of the best research in the industry and can help with everything from search to social. It’s also really accessible to those of all knowledge levels, especially the weekly Whiteboard Friday sessions.

Signal Vs Noise
Do you use Basecamp? Whether or not you have these guys project manage your life, their blog is a fascinating read. Around since 1999, it is about everything from bootstrap development to writing via customer support and design.

Bonus: The LoveWork Blog
OK, this is perhaps a little self-promoting (well, a lot self-promotional), but we do indeed read our own blog. We talk about all things digital and inbound marketing, but content is never far from our lips in Mash HQ, so it features on the blog a lot. Want to know about trends, getting ideas for content or measuring the impact of your efforts? Stick around – we’re all over it.

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