B2B Marketing Tips for Small Businesses In Essex

Marketing Tips

Connecting with other businesses requires a more subtle marketing approach than B2C. We reveal the right mix of digital marketing vs keeping it real to help you with B2B marketing in Essex!

Get Real

Marketing Tips

Nothing beats meeting people face to face to win hearts, sales and contracts! Networking is the perfect way to do this. In Essex you could join a myriad of groups such as 4N, BNI, Women in Business… join more than one and may even see some of the same faces at different events – the perfect way to make sure you are remembered.

Not every networking group is for every person or business – Go as a guest before joining to make sure it is the right place for you.
Take plenty of business cards to hand out – many groups do a mass swap, so leaflets may be a cheaper option.
Practice your 1 minute speech. Don’t worry about it being very short, but definitely do not ramble on!

Other “real” marketing opportunities include phone calls, trade shows, and direct marketing.

Get a Website

Making sure your website is as healthy as possible is an essential component in B2B marketing. Potential clients and customers use the internet to research what they are after, find local companies, and ultimately research companies they are interested in too! If they don’t find you online, then they will most likely go somewhere else.

Get a responsive website
Fill it with relevant, keyword focused, content
Keep it updated by writing blogs

Get on LinkedIn

Social media may just be a piece of the whole “business pie”, but LinkedIn should not be overlooked – it is arguably the most important social media platform for B2B marketing. When concentrating on your LinkedIn efforts – it is wise to remember that people buy from people, so how you present yourself, not just how you represent your business, really counts on LinkedIn.

Create a company page. This will require a business email address to complete fully.
Include your company web address to gain a much needed link to your website.
Add the company logo to boost brand awareness.
Put a profile pic of yourself on your personal page.
Edit your LinkedIn profile URL to be more succinct.
List where you work and select your business – when you have done this, double check that the company logo shows on your personal profile and that connections can see the company web address.
List your products and services, and keep it up to date. If visitors like what they see, they will visit your website!
On your business page, link to blogs you have posted on your website.
On your personal page publish a post (a mini blog) and add images to it, some of which can be your logo or branded messaging.
Join groups e.g. East Anglia Business Network to attract people who are browsing things they are interested in.

Get Advertising on Facebook

This is another great tool for B2B Marketing. Once again, people like to buy from people, and with Facebook being more laid back thank LinkedIn, people are quite fond of spying on people too! With this in mind, think about revealing behind-the-scenes updates, but be wary of how personal the posts are on your “you” timeline. Ultimately though, you will want to advertise on Facebook – here is what to bear in mind…

Start with at least £30 per month ad budget.
Use quality images for greater engagement.
Make sure your ads are relevant to your target audience.
Read Facebook Advertising Policies to avoid making a mistake that leads to your ads being removed.


Every bit of “real” marketing you do can transfer to social media, and social media can inform your offline marketing campaigns. Here are a few ideas…

Take pictures of real events and post to social media.
Include pictures and social media updates in e-shots.
Share blogs from your website on all your social media platforms.
Use your blogs to inform newsletters.
Share leaflets and posters in a digital format online.

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