Business Ideas

Business Ideas for Home Based Ventures

I’ve been building online businesses since 2003. My first forays into internet businesses were a great learning experience, shall we say! There were seemingly so many different possibilities, most of which ended up being more of an ‘opportunity’ to those selling them. And even when there were legitimate business ideas for home based successes that …

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Strategy is more than a buzzword – it is the driving force behind all of your marketing, it is the launchpad from which you will achieve your results. That is why it is crucial to get it right. When LoveWork work with a business we use our diverse backgrounds and research capabilities to formulate a …

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Digital Marketing 2

Digital Marketing

If we were given money every time we saw a marketing strategy that says ‘use digital tactics,’ or something similar, without further explanation we would have retired to the Bahamas long ago. Sadly we’re not, but on the plus side that means we are here to help you. Our world is digital, and a marketing …

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