Business Ideas for Home Based Ventures

Business Ideas

I’ve been building online businesses since 2003. My first forays into internet businesses were a great learning experience, shall we say!

There were seemingly so many different possibilities, most of which ended up being more of an ‘opportunity’ to those selling them.

And even when there were legitimate business ideas for home based successes that would work, most of the time there was no training, so I could never get the benefits promised.

Business Ideas

That all changed after about 6 months of looking. I came across SiteBuildIt and built my first site. My initial successes came slowly, as I was still feeling my way around the process. But those successes grew, and I became much better at getting my site indexed by the search engines, getting traffic to my site, and most importantly, translating that traffic into an income.

One site became two, which became three, and now I have about 9 in various stages of development, all generating income. I’m still part time, mostly limited by the amount of time I can spend developing them. But I make quite a decent part time income. And it’s a lot of fun. I get over 20,000 unique visitors a month from my oldest two sites, and the only reason that’s not higher is that the others are relatively new.

My sister, Samantha, recently decided she wanted to develop a business idea for home. That’s actually where I got the idea to create this site – letting people like my sister, interested in earning income from home, know about the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing

Samantha has two young children under the age of ten, and is a school teacher. She wanted to develop a site and still be able to be a full time Mom to her kids. So she came to me for some help in getting her ideas off the ground. Being a fast learner, her site is well up and running now. You can check it out here:

Now, Samantha has absolutely no web design skills, she had very little money to start off with, and she has no knowledge of HTML. But she has a great looking site that her visitors love. Just check out her feedback.

There are a lot of options for developing business ideas for home. And there are some great tools out there that take you by the hand. Have a look around. There are sections on business ideas, affiliate marketing, selling products, making and selling ebooks, niche marketing, network marketing, adsense and alternatives, the search engines, freelancing, setting up a website, and more. Pick your business and get going!


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