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Digital Marketing 2

If we were given money every time we saw a marketing strategy that says ‘use digital tactics,’ or something similar, without further explanation we would have retired to the Bahamas long ago. Sadly we’re not, but on the plus side that means we are here to help you.

Our world is digital, and a marketing strategy that only works offline is never going to allow a business to reach its full potential – this is where we come in. We partner with your team to audit your current efforts, analyse your wider marketing campaign, and then translate it into a practical, measurable and results driven Digital Marketing Strategy. Once a digital marketing strategy is in place we will work with you to implement the Action Plan, report on progress and optimise the strategy accordingly.

We have worked with a whole range of businesses and brands who have found their digital marketing to be lacking (or that their competitors are running away with the market), and our digital backgrounds mean we are yet to find a challenge that we can’t find a solution to. We believe in making our digital marketing four things:

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Transparent – you should know what is happening and why we’re doing it
Practical – documents designed to sit on shelves have no value. We all want results
Measurable – businesses thrive on data, we need to show progress and ROI
Effective – strategies that aren’t effective are useless. Plan, measure, optimise – it’s our mantra for a reason

Our digital marketing strategy will be tangible, comprehensive, realistic, measurable and above all provide you with a Action Plan to becoming a better digital brand and achieve your desired objectives. We understand that you have to report progress, so we ensure that every aspect of the strategy can be measured and the key performance indicators clearly picked out. Not only does this give a real sense of progress, but also allows the plan to be optimised at regular intervals to ensure optimal results.

Whether you are looking to use digital to complement offline marketing, drive key business results or simply improve on your current digital marketing, a digital marketing strategy from Mash will make a real difference to how you do your digital and the results you achieve.

Digital Marketing Strategy is procured on a project basis (with facility for ongoing implementation or optimisation retainer), our digital marketing strategies will help you outperform the competition. Book a consultation today to find out how we can help you.

We also offer implementation services to either complement in-house teams or take ownership of all activities, these are arranged on a retainer basis and cover all the tactics below, and many more through a network of trusted partners and suppliers.

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