Easy Blogging Tips For Small Businesses

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Breaking The Online Silence – Easy Blogging Tips For Small Businesses

So, you are small business that would like to capitalise on social media opportunities, but you don’t know what to say. Maybe you think your business is boring to most, or you fear that your target audience isn’t listening anyway. Don’t worry – here are a few pointers to get your communication flowing!

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Know who you want to talk to
You can choose to talk to your customers or clients, or to the people that influence them. You could even talk to your industry peers, or directly to your members of staff. It all depends on what you want the purpose of your blog to be…

Know the purpose of your blog
Do you want to encourage a sale? Do you want to build your brand reputation? Do you want to attract more enquiries? If you know what you want it to do, and know who you want to talk to make it happen, you’ll then know what you’ll want say because you’ll know what your readers want to hear…

Know what your readership want
Maybe they want to be entertained, maybe they want information, maybe they would like answers to questions and how-to’s and demonstrations, maybe they are interested in lifestyle tips. Maybe they would like discount codes.

Write a blog strategy

This makes it easy to keep focussed, and it can remind you why you are writing. You can mix it up too, your blog stream doesn’t have to target just one type of audience or achieve just one thing.

Write it.
Easier said than done? Not really. One way of doing it is this:

Headline – Attention grabbing, intriguing, but never confusing.

Strapline – Tell the reader what it is about, why they want to read it, and what they will find out if they do.

Intro Paragraph – Introduce the idea, give background information, lay the foundations for what you want to say.

Middle Paragraph(s) – Go into more detail, or break down additional information.

Last paragraph – Summarise what you have said to reiterate your message.

Call to Action – What do you want he reader to do now? Read another blog, look at the product, call to speak to an expert, leave a comment?

Or you could replace the paragraphs with a list, like this post has.

Additional tips
Always have at least one image, it makes it more shareable.
Insert a video if you think it would benefit the blog.
Link to other people/products/other web pages of yours or previous blogs.
Say what you plan to blog about next.
Use alt tags on images.

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