Home Based Business Tips

Everyone can use a little extra money these days, and many people are finding that a home business is the perfect way to augment the household income. For decades, wise wives have found benefit from selling products like Mary Kay and Avon – ready, in-the-box home business models with very little set up or investment beyond the first batch of samples. These companies are still popular today.

But what if selling makeup isn’t your thing? Consider your skills. If you are highly literate and can turn a good phrase, what about article writing? Medical transcription via digital recording is a popular home business, as clinics are looking to downsize and outsource previously in-house positions. Translation is another opportunity if you are fluent in more than one language. The idea is to start small, and build a good reputation. One or two clients giving solid referrals can snowball into a full-time home business. Word of mouth and networking can do more for free than any amount of paid advertising.

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