How To Get Opportunity Seekers Looking For You

Opportunity Seeker

Despite the promises of network marketing, most (95%) of distributors fail. Why? Like any business, network marketing needs leads, and those leads need to be converted into customers – and distributors, to realize the promises in the compensation plans.

Opportunity Seekers

Yet the training given to most network marketers doesn’t suit the majority of people, who have no previous telemarketing or sales experience. And who naturally don’t have the personalities to succeed in those methods.

And the alternative – spending a lot of money on recycled leads – is the fast track to failure.

How you get opportunity seekers looking for you is not buying hundreds, or even thousands of leads, and sending them the same old auto responder messages that everyone else is sending to them. But that’s a great way to drain your bank account and credit cards.

The best way to get opportunity seekers to look at your business is in fact to generate your own leads.

How do you do this?

It involves getting your hands wet in the internet marketing field. But don’t be put off by this, as it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

The first thing you need is your own website. Not the one the company gave you – that’s just where you’ll send people to sign up and order products. You need to build your own website and fill it with content.

You’ll be doing this for several reasons:

  • the content (articles, video, audio messages, newsletter) pre-sell your business opportunity
  • the website will provide a way to earn other income through online advertising (adsense) and affiliate programs
  • you develop credibility in the eyes of your potential customer
  • you differentiate yourself from all the other people trying to sell a business to these opportunity seekers
  • you start to establish a relationship with your potential customers
  • having your website means that if something goes wrong with the company you’re currently with, you haven’t lost all your hard work – you still have your own business!
    Let me explain some of these points more.

Trying to sell to anyone – but especially opportunity seekers who are being heavily marketed to by everyone and their pet goanna – is near impossible if you don’t gain their trust. And you don’t gain their trust without establishing a relationship with them. Your website is a way to collect people’s email addresses, so you can start gently guiding them through your sales funnel.

You collect their email addresses by offering a free PDF report and a newsletter. The PDF report gives them a reason to join your newsletter, and your newsletter is the way you establish a relationship with them. But you must provide great quality content, and ideally, share a bit about yourself. Let your personality shine through. Differentiate yourself. Be available to answer questions. Ask them what they’d most like to know about. Get a feel for your market.

Not everyone will join your opportunity. And it may take months of communication to break through their resistance, and come to see the value in what you’re offering (and hopefully you are offering value – if not, get another opportunity!).

But the beauty of having your own website filled with great content, is that a certain percentage of these opportunity seekers will click on ads (ka-ching – you get a percentage of that money) and buy your affiliate recommendations (ka-ching!). So, you’re getting a return even on those who may not even sign up for your newsletter. This can easily turn into a nice profit stream – which makes a nice change from the alternative of spending money far more quickly than you make it by buying worthless leads.

So, the first step is to get a website up. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to cost much at all – in fact, you can use a very good, free content management system. The Joomla content management system creates beautiful looking sites – extremely professional – and is ideal for sites with a lot of content. Best of all, it’s free.

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