Interactions – the Heart of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Today, most brands use at least one social media channel and are often contemplating whether to set up a second or even multi-channel social campaign. But, once you have set up and used a social media channel, it’s essential you have the time and resources to keep the channel active and more importantly interact with the people who connect with you/your brand.

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Interaction generally happens naturally when you post something interesting, useful, entertaining or educational. Your audience most likely responding to confirm their approval, agree with the update, share it or give feedback. So where to start?


A Blog is often one of the first social channels a brand experiments with. It’s an ideal way to create new and fresh content for your business and to attract user engagement by way of comments. Search engine spiders love this level of activity and will crawl your site more frequently when there’s fresh, new content from you the author and user comments-which also register as new information reinforcing the authority of the post and hence boosting the post all over again.

Blog comments also add significant value because the article author and the readers interactions add to the interest factor. Ideally, write your blog post in such a way as to encourage comments, have a call-to-action or a prompt to remind the reader to leave feedback and add their point of view.


Probably the next most popular social channel to interact on from a B2C point of view is Facebook. The more interaction you have with your friends on your Facebook page, the more they will see your posts or blog feeds on their wall. Although today it seems as though promoted posts are the only effective way to reach a decent audience on Facebook.


Twitter is one of the most commonly used social channels for business of all sizes. Twitter is highly interactive and all about building communities and lists of targeted audiences so that you can chat, comment, retweet, share in real-time and generally form relationships online. You can ‘do business’ directly through Twitter, especially if you have something to promote, but it’s better to market your brand by communicating, building relationships, getting noticed by potential partners and networking just by being sociable and informative.

It’s a place to find out breaking news, information, meet people – it’s all about giving and sharing. A great place to position yourself, find your potential customers, their employees and what interests them.

Using social marketing requires commitment. But don’t get blinkered into pushing out messages, these are not free classified listing sites. It’s the interactions that count. There is no benefit to spending a day blasting out tweets, retweeting or following new audiences, then forgetting to follow up with the interactions and there is nothing worse than an empty or inactive twitter stream.

Maintaining a social media channel is time consuming – not only the front end updates, but researching the right people to follow, maintaining good lists of users, unfollowing those who add little value, monitoring those you do want to connect with and most importantly tracking what is working and what isn’t. In our experience, networking on line mirrors the real world. It is a valuable business growth strategy and when all’s said and done, you get back what you put in. If it’s all a one way communication, very little is achieved. If you listen, respond and add good chat during your social interactions, life is just a little more fun and that’s when gains are made.

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