Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Strategy is more than a buzzword – it is the driving force behind all of your marketing, it is the launchpad from which you will achieve your results. That is why it is crucial to get it right.

When LoveWork work with a business we use our diverse backgrounds and research capabilities to formulate a strategy that covers both digital and offline marketing efforts (if you already have an offline strategy, you need a digital marketing strategy), a strategy that is designed to be measurable, results driven and actionable – we don’t believe in documents with no practical purpose.

Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you understand your market share and how to defend it against the competition?
  • Are your value proposition & business goals understood internally and communicated effectively?
  • Do you understand who your audience offline and online, the differences between the two and how they want to engage?
  • Can you identify the customer journey as buyers research online and do you understand why they buy from you?
  • Does someone in your organisation understand the data collected online and do they report on what works and what doesn’t?
  • Do you understand how your offline marketing affects your digital presence, and vice versa?
    If you can’t answer one or more of those you need to speak to us.

We build strategies from the ground up – with a strategy that is based on achieving your objectives (or objectives we help you set) and with it add an Action Plan that sets out the tactics with clear marketing tactics, ownership and deadlines. In short, we ensure that everything works towards your objectives in a clear, practical and measurable way.

Our process means that we work in a coordinated way that fits around your business – we partner with your marketing team or marketing director to ensure we produce a real strategy that can be implemented, not a high level document that simply tells you what you already know with a few ideas of where to go next.

At the end of it you will have a Strategy Document (outlining objectives, personas, marketing analysis, how we will achieve the results, and how the result are measured) and an Action Plan (what tactics are going to be used, specific actions to take place, who will implement these actions, when they will be implemented). After this we move to the implementation phase where we can either carry out the Action Plan for you or can be called in on an ad hoc consultancy basis to help you review and optimise the strategy.

We approach all our work with the same mindset that has made us so successful with our clients so far: we PLAN; we Measure; and then we Optimise.

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