Web Designer Tools for Building a Home Internet Business

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Whether you’re just starting out online, you have a small business offline, or have already developed an online presence, you’ll find articles and tools within this site geared towards making your ventures more profitable, and where possible, easier.

Perhaps you are looking around for a way to earn an extra few hundred or thousand a month, but aren’t sure where to start or the best way to do it.
Maybe you’d like to take your online income to the next level.
Or perhaps you are looking for low cost ways to add certain functions to your existing website.
Maybe you’d like to tap into the marketing and revenue potential of the web if you’re a small business owner – yet you don’t want to pay outrageous fees for web designers and programmers.

At the heart of having an online presence is a website. Not just any website, but a professional looking and highly functional website. To this end, we’ve got a lot of template driven web designer tools that are completely free, in the form of content management systems (CMS). Actually, these are Open Source tools, and were developed by thousands of dedicated programmers in the Open Source community, so we can’t claim ownership 🙂

However, using these tools can be confusing if you don’t have some experience with content management systems, so we’ve got written and video tutorials available on how to set them up. There are more articles coming, and reviews of some other site builders that are not Open Source.

Additionally, you’ll find articles on various ways you can make money from your site, and even a section on home business ideas.

There are a lot of options for developing business ideas for home. And there are some great tools out there that take you by the hand. Have a look around. There are sections on business ideas, affiliate marketing, selling products, making and selling ebooks, niche marketing, network marketing, adsense and alternatives, the search engines, freelancing, setting up a website, and more. Pick your business and get going!

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